Back to work

I'm now officially employed again. I've found a kickass job at a local software company specialising in GIS (mapping etc). Their main product is a fleet tracking package. I just finished my first day there today.

They're using Postgres extensively, with their own extensions such as some form of multi-master replication. The boxes are based on Gentoo, with (oddly), VMWare instances running windows for the application servers. The environment's quite well set up, and so far quite nice to work with (with my whole 8 hours' worth of experience with it).

I'm also starting back part-time at Uni this semester, doing two papers - COSC229 - Algorithms, and COSC362 - Microprocessor Systems 2. My new employer is quite flexible about allowing me to fit my work hours around uni, and the two are very close together to boot.

Now I just have to find a flat in the same general vicinity...


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