Apartments in Dublin

Yesterday morning, someone from the relocation company came by to pick me up and take me on a bit of a tour of Dublin, with an emphasis on the sort of neighbourhoods I might like to live in. There's a fairly wide variety of housing available here in Dublin, though if you want a garden you're more or less out of luck unless you're particularly wealthy.

One particular place that impressed me, however, were the apartments at the Gasworks - the same facility the Google offices are on. There's a lot of apartment buildings there, all fairly nice, but the really impressive one is the old Gasometer. Basically, they took a gasometer, demolished everything but the frame, then built an apartment building inside it. It's pretty big:

What's really impressive, though, is what they've done inside. The building is shaped like a torus, with a large open area in the middle. They've planted a large tree in the center, and the end effect is that you have almost a sanctuary-type environment inside. My pictures really don't do it justice, especially with the overcast weather we're having, but here they are anyway:

None of the apartments are inhabited yet - I presume there's some finishing work yet to be done. I really hope they're renting them about the time we need one - it looks like it'd be a really cool place to live.


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