Leaving NZ, again.

So, first a quick update on everything I've been leaving out on this blog: Waaaay back in February, I was offered a (phone) job interview with Google. Things proceeded well, and a while ago, I was made an offer of a job as a Site Reliability Engineer in Dublin, which I accepted. I resigned from my position in NZ, sorted out stuff for moving, and hopped on a plane.

I'm writing this entry from a Dublin internet cafe. I arrived here in Ireland mere hours ago, and I'm still exhausted and jetlagged, but I have to do something with the time until I can let myself try and sleep. Hence the sudden update.

First, for those wondering, Hayley, the love if my life, is, alas, still back in NZ for the moment. At the moment it looks like she'll be joining me up here in about 6 weeks.

When I arrived in Dublin, I was met by someone hired by Google, who drove me to my temporary accommodations provided for me for the next 30 days. Light commentary on the city was provided. Upon reaching my accommodation, I was handed off to someone else, who gave me the Grand Tour of my apartment for the next month. This place is... luxurious. Two double bedrooms, full bathroom (w/ shower and bath), ensuite in master bedroom, leather lounge suite and wide-screen plasma TV, fully equipped, new kitchen, etc. I have no idea how I'm supposed to use all that.

Roughly, my plans for the next few weeks go like this:
Today, Sunday: Try to recover from jetlag, explore a little of dublin. Spend lots of time in Internet cafes, and pine after Hayley. Curse the lack of connectivity that makes all of this a lot harder than it should be. Eat out a lot.
Monday: First day at Google. Get inducted, get my laptop. Begin training. Hopefully, better connectivity ensues now I have a computer again. Attempt to open a bank account, get a cellphone account, and buy a bike, not neccessarially in that order.
Tuesday: More training.
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, +3 more weeks: More training. Try and locate more permanent accommodations.

Then, I get shipped down to Mountain View for 4 weeks' training there. Cue pictures of eyes held open with clamps, mass brainwashing, etc. ;) At some point during this period, Hayley flies up to meet me, and we have a joyous reunion the speculative details of which I shall not elaborate on in this family-rated blog.

Then, finally, we both fly back to Dublin, hopefully to our new apartment, and settle in to our new lives here.

Right now, all that seems pretty damn intimidating. I'm sure it's the jetlag and sheer overwhelmingness of it talking at least a little.

PS: This internet cafe rocks. It has Firefox!


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