Response from Gohop

I did eventually get a response from Gohop - my apologies for not posting it sooner. Here's the response:
Dear Mr. Johnson,

Thank you for your email received, the contents of which have been noted and passed to our IT department for investigation.

Firstly, may I say how disappointing it is for us to be made aware of any aspects of our customers holiday that fail to reach complete satisfaction. are a privately owned and Irish operated Travel Agency and we rely heavily on goodwill and repeat clients, the comments we receive from our customers are treated with the utmost respect. We pride ourselves in devising good quality and good prices but above all high customer service.

Naturally we are most concerned to learn of your dissatisfaction with the organization of your seat assignments. We always Endeavour to secure the best seating as requested from our clients, despite this however, subject to seat allocation at time of booking, the system in this case booked the next available alternatives, seating you apart. I would like to advise you at this point that this is the first problem of its kind we have come across and are most certainly not aware of airline check-in staff having difficulty with us in the past for this or any other reason.

Rest assured however that any issues brought to our attention which may affect the enjoyment of any flights sold are fully investigated, as a result we are currently removing the seat assignment facility from our website this week until this matter is fully investigated and resolved. It is only through emails such as your containing constructive criticism that enables us to ensure a continued raising of our overall standards.

In conclusion I am sorry that on this occasion you felt that your return journey was not entirely satisfactory and I do hope you will consider affording us the opportunity of attending to your travel needs again in the not too distant future when we are fully confident that all arrangements made on your behalf will meet with your entire satisfaction, allowing us the opportunity to restore your faith in our company.

Assuring you of our very best intentions in this regard.

Your sincerely,

Hilary Dunne
Reservations Manager

Not entirely to my satisfaction, since they haven't promised to do anything, really - just offered an apology.

Edit: Also worth noting is that she claims that "the system in this case booked the next available alternatives, seating you apart", which contradicts what the arline told us - that our tickets weren't group-coded in the first place, so 'the system' didn't know it should be trying to seat us together at all.


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