Getting O2 Ireland's "Mobile Broadband" working in OSX 10.5

O2 Ireland proudly advertise that their mobile broadband offering works for both Windows and Mac. Then they proceed to offer only windows instructions, with no hint of how to get it working on a mac. This is, obviously, less than helpful. To complicate things, the generic instructions for getting Huawei modems working in OSX aren't entirely sufficient: The PIN on the sim card has to be disabled first, and the Huawei app for setting the APN doesn't seem to work in 10.5. So here are the instructions, in a nutshell:

1. Find a windows computer with administrator priveliges. Plug in the modem and follow the installation instructions. When prompted, enter your pin, then select Tools -> Pin Options -> Disable Pin. Enter your pin again. If you're trying these directions for a network other than O2 Ireland, this would be a good time to check the settings for the APN name, too.

Yes, I know it sucks to have to use a PC to set it up. It might be possible to do this by putting the 3G sim into a cellphone and disabling the PIN using that - I haven't tried, but it seems like it should work.

2. Follow the rest of the instructions here, with the following addenda:
- You may not need to add the device as described. In my case, it automatically added itself to the network preferences panel, and just needed configuring.
- The E220 drivers work fine if you have an E270, too.
- If you're using O2 Ireland, the APN you want to enter is "open.internet".


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