An experiment in interactive blogging

First up, apologies for the recent inactivity here. I've had some pretty tough stuff to deal with in my personal life recently, and that's had to take priority over my blogging schedule. Rest assured that I do intend to return to a regular posting schedule, but in the short term, things may remain a little irregular. That said, there will be a post later this week, so it's not all doom and gloom.

Second, I'm now officially relocating to Sydney! Don't worry, I'll still be working on the App Engine team, but the Google office in Sydney has a substantial App Engine contingent, so I'll no longer be working alone in the Dublin office. It's also much, much closer to home for me, so I may get to see my family more than once a year or so. Finally, the weather is better. I expect to move early November, which will be another excuse for any raggedness in the blogging schedule.

Finally, the main subject of this post: I've decided to try a little experiment. I always have several post ideas in the pipeline, and readers often give me interesting new ones, but I'm not always able to settle on which one to work on next - and my own idea of what's most interesting doesn't always match up with what my readers think.

With that in mind, I've decided to try being a little more interactive. You may notice a shiny new 'feedback' button on the right side of the page; this opens a uservoice feedback widget. This is where I will put short summaries of ideas I've had for blog posts, and where you, the reader, can vote on them, and suggest new posts for consideration. This way, I can hopefully get a better idea for what people would like to read, and be better organized about getting the interesting ones done.

That said, I am still an independent person and not an automaton. As such, I don't promise I'll be writing about the most popular post each week, but I will be taking the popularity of each idea into account. Likewise, I don't promise that I'll write about your brilliant idea, even if lots of other people agree with you.

So, click on the tab, review the ideas, and submit a few of your own! I'm dying to see what ideas people have.


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