Found a flat!

I've found a flat, and I moved in this weekend. It's a single apartment in a '60s apartment block right in town, which is certainly convenient, and the rent is really low. It's fairly large for a single apartment, consisting of a sizeable entryway, a bathroom, bedroom, small kitchen, large lounge, and study.

The catch? The decor is hideous. As far as we can tell, some time in the 80s, the owners decided they wanted to redecorate, and couldn't decide between three different, conflicting, styles. So they used all 3, usually in different parts of the apartment, but sometimes together. The result is something you're likely to remember for a long time. There's a _big_ emphasis on border prints, and quite a lot of patterned wallpaper.

The owners are intending to re-rent or sell it in the new year, and Hayley and I are hoping we can convince them to let us redecorate. Initial attempts ("We'll repaint if you pay for the paint!") have met with "don't bother" responses, but I'm actually prepared to pay for the supplies - it shouldn't take much - in order to be able to redecorate. Strangely ...