Trip reports: Stack Overflow Amsterdam, and Oredev

I spent this week attending and speaking at two different conferences - the Stack Overflow Dev Day in Amsterdam, and Øredev, in Malmö, Sweden.

Stack Overflow was a lot of fun. Talks covered topics such as FogBugz, jQuery, Fog Creek Software, creators of FogBugz, QT (pronounced 'cute'), FogBugz, Python, App Engine (my own talk), Yahoo! developer tools, and, of course, FogBugz.

Particular highlights for me were Simon Willison's talk about Python, and Christian Heilmann's talk on Yahoo! developer tools. Simon works at The Guardian, a UK newspaper that is particularly keen on exposing and consuming data and APIs, and used his hour to introduce Python by demonstrating how he uses it, particularly the interactive interpreter, on a day to day basis to extract and munge statistical data and produce content for news stories, such as infographics. Although I know Python very well, his presentation style was extremely engaging, and I had to restrain myself from going up to him and asking if he was looking for apprentices in the fine art of presenting. He's also a co-author of Django, so he showed off some of Django's features in his talk as well.

Christian's talk was completely ...

Talk Schedule

I'm going to be spending the next week going to conferences. As a result, your regularly scheduled posts are likely to be absent next week; it's going to be hectic enough as it is. In the meantime, here's my talk schedule for the next while.

November 2: Presenting on App Engine Python at Stack Overflow Dev Day Amsterdam.
November 4: Presenting on App Engine Java at Øredev in Malmo, Sweden.
November 18: Python Ireland talk on App Engine at Scruffy Murphy's, Dublin, Ireland.
November 30 - December 4: At .Astronomy 2009 in Leiden, Netherlands, helping people put together Astronomy apps on App Engine
January 24 - January 30: LovelySnow Sprint in the Austrian Alps, another App Engine hackathon.