Transforming ATOM 1.0 into HTML using XSLT

In response to Myke's request for a way to generate an HTML page containing the newest items from a bunch of RSS feeds, I made a suggestion: Use Google Reader to aggregate the feeds for you, export them using the 'sharing' functionality, and then simply transform the resulting ATOM feed into an HTML page using some XSLT on serverside.

I thought there'd be a ready-made XSLT stylesheet for transforming ATOM out there, but I had absolutely no luck finding one. So, I hacked together a basic one for the purpose. Here it is:


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I've only tested it with google's atom, but it ought to work with any valid atom feed. I also haven't attempted to format the dates into something more user-friendly - I'm sure XSLT has the facility, but I'll be damned if I can find it right now. Finally, only the title, url, dates and summary are exposed, but it's pretty trivial to add more.


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