Response from Gohop

I did eventually get a response from Gohop - my apologies for not posting it sooner. Here's the response:
Dear Mr. Johnson,

Thank you for your email received, the contents of which have been noted and passed to our IT department for investigation.

Firstly, may I say how disappointing it is for us to be made aware of any aspects of our customers holiday that fail to reach complete satisfaction. are a privately owned and Irish operated Travel Agency and we rely heavily on goodwill and repeat clients, the comments we receive from our customers are treated with the utmost respect. We pride ourselves in devising good quality and good prices but above all high customer service.

Naturally we are most concerned to learn of your dissatisfaction with the organization of your seat assignments. We always Endeavour to secure the best seating as requested from our clients, despite this however, subject to seat allocation at time of booking, the system in this case booked the next available alternatives, seating you apart. I would like to advise you at this point that this is the first problem of its kind we have come across and are most certainly ...

Don't use to book your flights!

Here's the email I just sent gohop:

Recently, my fiance and I booked tickets back to our home country of New Zealand for our wedding using We encountered some issues on the way there - auto check-in systems only brought up one reservation, seats had to be re-arranged, etc, but were not fully aware of the scope of the issues until our trip back to Dublin.

Our flight from Auckland, NZ to London was fully booked, and when we checked in, we discovered that our seats were not adjacent - not even in the same row, as a matter of fact. The cause of this, it turns out, is that gohop does not group code tickets purchased through your site. Your company, it appears, is somewhat infamous amongst airline checkin personnel because of this - as soon as I mentioned gohop, I got a resigned sigh and a nod of understanding.

Despite efforts well above and beyond the call of duty by airline staff - including asking other people to accept alternate seats - a process which delayed the departure of the entire plane due to us and others not having suitable seats, they were unable to find us adjacent seats ...


Just a quick update: Yes, I did get back from Switzerland (with a new passport), eventually.

I also went back to NZ, got married to my (now) wife Hayley, and had a wonderful honeymoon. After a horrid flight back (about which more later), we're now back in Ireland and ready to go back to work.

Photos of the wedding will be forthcoming in a week or two for anyone who cares.