Google I/O playlist, day 3: What's hot in Java for App Engine

This is the third in a series of posts providing a day-by-day playlist to help break up the Google I/O session videos - specifically the App Engine ones - into manageable chunks for those that haven't seen them.

Today's video is "What's hot in Java for App Engine" by Don Schwarz and Toby Reyelts. It provides an overview of the first year of Java support on App Engine, focusing on a demo app that shows off a number of features of the Java runtime.

At first glance, this is definitely a talk for the Java programmers amongst us, and it certainly has a lot of content on those lines; the demo shows off to good advantage a number of the App Engine APIs. The secret hidden surprise, though, is something that will be of interest to nearly everyone: Details about the forthcoming channel API. The channel API implements the promised support for Comet on App Engine. For the juicy details, jump to 10:49, and keep watching up to 15:10. There's more details in Moishe's talk on building Real-time Webapps in App Engine, the video for which will be going up later today, and which ...